Why We Stand Out

Health4Life is ‘unique’ and designed to heal the metabolism

Health4Life weight loss was created to get to the ‘cause’ of why your metabolism has slowed down. How can we get our clients into ‘fat burning’ quickly and how can our clients lose higher amounts of body fat through ‘ketosis’ in only 40 days? It’s very simple; give the metabolism what it needs and it will again burn fat for you.

Rules that we follow

  • We never recommend anything artificial
  • No chemically processed foods, bars or shakes that are often cancer causing and inflammatory
  • No drugs (we don’t want your body developing an artificial dependency)
  • No shots or injections (drugs and weight loss dependency)
  • No hormones (although we are not against bio-identical hormones)

How the program works and why it works

First of all, this program was designed to work on a cellular functioning level. The organs in your body make up the metabolism which consists of your bodies cells. Every cell in your body must properly function in order for your metabolism to properly function and consistently burn fat. If your cells are sick then you are sick on the inside and your metabolism slows down. The pillars of our program are:

1. Maximize cellular hydration – When signing up for your BCA (Body Composition Analysis) on your first visit, we will discuss just how dehydrated you are. Most people don’t realize that they may not be hydrating even when drinking large amounts of water. High nutrient value foods which include minerals are a key component for transporting water into your cells. You can become dehydrated over a long period of time due to a low nutrient/poor diet, drinking dehydrating drinks, not drinking enough water or even drinking too much water and flushing mineral/electrolytes out of your body. Hydration brings nutrients and oxygen into your cells. The majority of our patients who are the most dehydrated don’t feel good, have poor energy, feel toxic and inflamed. Hydration not only brings fuel into your cells but it flushes and cleanses your cells of toxins, cellular metabolites and acids, all of which damage and inflame your cell membranes and the entire inside of your body. We create a systematic approach for hydrating your body on a cellular level that we haven’t seen in any other program on the market. Once your cells become inflamed and damaged, the damage makes it harder and harder to get water in. You either have cells that are more like plump juicy grapes or dried up raisins. Our program addresses this and remember, dehydration = damage to your cells and damage to your metabolism.

2. It’s all about the food-We really try to educate our clients as to what they are putting in our food. We have the highest obesity rate in the world and we are ranked in 50th place for life expectancy. The American diet is horrible, but you can make better more informed choices. We recommend only the highest quality foods. Avoiding GMO’s, pesticides, herbicides, hormones and antibiotics in the meat, preservatives and additives or anything artificial for that matter is essential to our longevity, health and vitality.

  • We also recommend anti-inflammatory foods
  • We eliminate foods that most people are allergic too
  • We focus on Alkaline foods
  • We personalize your calorie count depending on your activity levels to promote ‘fat burning’
  • We focus on a balanced diet and we give you the list of foods to eat

3. Detoxify the cells and body-We are living in an incredibly toxic world with 1000’s of environmental toxins in the air, food, water and our homes. It’s actually quite frightening and we are seeing cancer flourish in our society. Toxic chemicals damage our bodies and that damage leads to inflammation which is one of the leading causes of most disease. ‘Ketosis’ which means fat burning, NOT to be confused with ketoacidosis (mostly associated with Type I diabetes) has been extensively researched. Ketosis in and of itself is detoxifying to the cells because when you burn fat which is where toxins are stored, will safely eliminate these toxins through our detoxifying organs. Burning fat produces ‘ketones’ for fuel which is a cleaner fuel for the body. Thats why people who have experienced ‘ketosis’ can experience amazing energy and improved well being. Our systematic approach to hydration also facilitates detoxification as well as proprietary detox formulas we provide to safely and effectively detoxify the body and cells.

4. Plant based nutrients that are personalized and designed to support your organs of metabolism-Americans are vitamin and mineral deficient because we eat nutrient devoid foods (refined bread, sugar, alcohol, processed foods and poor farming practices that strip minerals from the soil) You will be given many nutrients throughout the program specific to your individual needs based on your health history and our bio-frequency testing. Most individuals who come to us are 50+ in age and are experiencing dehydration, years of a poor diet and various bad habits, inflammation and damage. Many of you have HBP, blood sugar issues or high cholesterol. Healthy people don’t have these conditions. Therefore, most of you have some type of damage and now your body needs time to repair and heal. The nutrients we provide to you during the program gives your body time to hydrate, detoxify, lower inflammation, repair, heal and ‘get your metabolism working again’. This is really a health based ‘ketosis’ program designed to give your metabolism what it really needs on a cellular level to include vitamins and minerals in their most natural form. Food from the ground.

5. Eliminating Inflammation – There are several reasons inflammation will virtually go away in a very short period of time on our program. We eliminate all foods and liquids that cause inflammation to include sugar and starch. We also recommend foods that are more alkaline to neutralize acids that cause inflammation. Once we get your body into fat burning ‘ketosis’ in which your body is producing ‘ketones’ (fuel for your cells), ketones are known to be a cleaner fuel for your cells. Most people eat too much food and too often. Food converts into glucose which is actually a more toxic fuel to the body. We are genetically hunters and gatherers and we would wake up without a refrigerator or restaurant on every corner. We would go longer periods of time before eating (intermittent fasting) forcing our bodies to burn our fat, producing ketones. So, our program utilizes techniques to burn fat and produce ketones which is anti-inflammatory. Our approach to increase hydration also flushes, cleanses and detoxifies the body of these inflammatory substances. Lowering body and visceral fat quickly ( fat is very inflammatory) also reduces inflammation. We also utilize proprietary liquid detox formulas to eliminate inflammatory toxins. Reducing inflammation has a way of balancing your hormonal system since damaged and inflamed cell membranes block the hormones message to the cell !!

6. Personalization  When we review your health history you will be giving us vital information that helps us target your issues. For example, many of our clients have been on acid reflux medication for years. But, our stomach requires an abundance of acid to not only kill bacteria we get exposed to but to break our food down so that we can absorb the nutrients in our food. Acid reflux often occurs in combination of age issues and not producing enough acid in the stomach and habitually ingesting American foods that can highly irritate the stomach which causes a reflux of your food and acid into the esophagus. We can most often prescribe certain nutritional supplements to resolve this and it can happen over time. So, we may make additional suggestions to facilitate healing in your body to help your metabolism. So, an antacid prevents acid from properly breaking down food which leads to undigested food particles and lowers nutrient absorption which leads to deficiencies and dehydration. Is it any wonder why so many individuals don’t feel good and have low energy? The above scenario is just one example of how we must take your individual health issues and medications into consideration to find the cause of your slow metabolism.

7. Structure, weekly monitoring and support, being held accountable, education, forming habits and lifestyle change    This program can be life changing. You will need commitment and it is designed for the individual who is sick of being sick, tired of being tired, fed up with not being able to lose weight and tired of medication. It’s structured so you just have to follow the program. We have weekly support and weigh in’s. The weekly BCA shows us exactly how much you’ve hydrated for the week and how much fat you lost. It can be very exciting. You will learn exactly what foods help you lose body fat and what groups to avoid in the future. You will learn what foods you may be allergic to. Most individuals say they haven’t felt this good in years. And, you can lose a lot of clothes sizes quickly. So, when you get a good result and feel so much better you probably aren’t going to want to go back to your old ways. Lifestyle change.

8. Brain reset- this is an amazingly powerful part of our program. After the 40 or 20 day fat burning portion of our program, we will give you the tools to maintain your new weight for 21 days at a healthy calorie count and you will be telling your brain that you want your new weight to stay there. No more gaining the weight back. And…we give you tons of tools to get weight off immediately if you start to creep up from bad eating. You don’t have to be perfect for the rest of your life, you just have to be mindful of what you are eating for the rest of your life. There’s a difference.

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