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State-of-the-Art Technology

We address all of the causes of slow metabolism that are specific to you! The Body Composition Analysis give us vital information; the starting point. If you decide to move forward with the Health4Life Weight Loss and Cellular Healing program, you will then receive our Bio-Frequency technology that assesses 1000’s of metabolic bio-markers. This will assist us in personalizing a nutrient plant-based supplement protocol to support your organs of metabolism.

How It Works

We offer personalized weight loss services

Assess YOUR Vitamin-Mineral Needs

Determined though consultation, health history and Bior-frequency Technology.

Assess water-mineral intake to increase cellular hydration

The doctor and health coaches will monitor weekly hydration.

Increase the transport of cellular nutrients

Cellular hydration brings nutrients into your cells. Water and nutrients improve energy and health, this increases the metabolism for fat burning.

Expel cellular – body toxins and acids

Improved cellular hydration and nutrients cleanses the cells. Toxins and acids can then be flushed from cells and body.

Toxins and cellular acids CAUSE inflammation

Cleansing toxins and acids REDUCES inflammation.

Reducing inflammation IMPROVES hormonal function

Hormones communicate better with healthy, less inflamed cells.

Learn what food you should be eating

Better and learned habits converts to lifestyle change.

Lifestyle Changes lead to long-term HEALTH

Keep the weight off through our proprietary RESET phase.

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