Success Stories from the Health For Life Family

Healthy Couple

Healthy Weight Loss for all ages. Joan Lost 30 lbs. at 76 Years Old.

This is a healthy 40-day program. That’s all! And we include a reset, which is super important because it tells the brain where we want to keep your body weight when you reach your goal, so you don’t gain the weight back. “We monitor you with the Body Composition Analysis.” “It determines your percent body…


Breaking the Cycle of Obesity in Children, Conlin Lost 40 lbs.

This is a program about losing weight in a healthy way through a state of ketosis. That means we put your body into a state of burning fat. Health For Life does not burn muscle or nutrients. Let me tell you about Conlin… Conlin is 20 Years Old and He’s Lost 42.6 pounds. I don’t…

Pain and Metabolism

Meet Michael; Once Sedentary with Low Metabolism. Now Slim

We are joined by Mike and his girlfriend, Lauren today. Mike’s in the middle of the Health for Life Weight Loss and Cellular Healing program. Now, Mike‘s such a unique individual and his condition was so unique. He had literally given up on regaining his weight and speeding up his metabolism. “So, Mike, how did…