The Body Composition Analysis

The Body Composition Analysis and your first visit

The Body Composition Analysis (BCA) is the starting point that gives us valuable information about your metabolism. The BCA is a simple scale that sends a very gentle current through your body (bio-impedance) which bounces off the different densities in your body (fat, water, bone and muscle). It can then determine your % body fat, hydration levels, visceral fat rating and metabolic age. Visceral fat is the dangerous fat around your belly and  organs. Higher concentrations of fat around the organ areas puts an individual at risk for type II diabetes, higher levels of bad cholesterol, heart attack and stroke. We will go over your individual BCA results and how they compare to normal. BCA results can be eye opening. There is a high correlation between how dehydrated you are and how you feel. Individuals who are the most dehydrated are usually those who have the slowest metabolisms (can’t lose weight) but also often feel tired, exhausted and fuzzy mental clarity. Those individuals with the highest visceral fat rating have the greatest chance of experiencing high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol issues needing medications.

Your Individual Health History (medications, symptoms and disease)

The weight loss industry seems to focus on food categories, certain restrictions and calories. The minute you stop eating their food you gain the weight back. We go much, much further in our approach…(The 7 pillars to our success). We tie in your health history with how you feel, the medications you’re taking and why you’re struggling with losing weight. Many medications can cause weight gain. High amounts of visceral fat, for example, will often lead to type II diabetes requiring medications (often weight gaining) leading to further weight gain necessitating more medication. It can become a vicious cycle. By looking at your individual medications, symptoms and diagnosed conditions we can do a much better job in personalizing a program to put your body into ‘fat burning’.

We will explain all of the recommended food categories required for success, calories required based on your daily physical exertion, groups of foods to eliminate, and how to take your nutrient based supplements unique to our program. It’s easier than you think and once committed, you will be a happier, healthier individual with lower body fat and higher hydration levels. This is a 40 day or 20 day program, depending on which is right for you. The 40 day program is recommended for those needing to lose at least 20 pounds. The 20 day program is better suited for those needing 15 pounds or less to lose, or for those wanting to lose weight in less time within a busy lifestyle. People who travel may prefer the 20 day program because they can always come back and do another 20 day program when they have more time to more easily adhere to the program requirements.

By sending a gentle electrical current through the body it bounces off the different densities to determine:

[ Body Mass Index ]

Is the Height Weight Ratio. It is associated with increased health risk when elevated.

[ Body Fat and Fat % ]

Our program focuses of fat burning.

[ Body Water and Water % ]

Dehydration has a direct impact on your metabolism.

[ Visceral Fat ]

This is the dangerous fat related to diabetes, Heart Disease, HBP, Triglycerides and Cholesterol.

[ Metabolic Age % ]

This accurately assesses how fast or slow your metabolism is as an individual.
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