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A H.E.A.L.T.H.Y Approach to losing unwanted Fat

Dr. Kit langstroth D.C. of Sacramento is the founder of the Health 4 Life weight loss and cellular healing system. By utilizing new advancements and technology, individuals can lose 20 to 40 pounds in a quick 40 days. Essentially, this is a H.E.A.L.T.H. approach to burning fat. New research is showing the numerous health benefits of ‘Ketosis’. Many of our clients have stated that this is the only program that worked and it’s designed to keep the weight off.


About Dr.Langstroth

Dr. Langstroth received his degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 1986 from Palmer College of Chiropractic West. He practiced for many years seeing almost exclusively injury patients. He obtained a certification in repetitive stress injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome and extremity treatments in the early 1990’s from Dr. Mitchell Mally who is nationally recognized for his expertise in the treatment of professional sports athletes. Many Chiropractic sports team physicians have studied his techniques including the San Francisco 49ers. This led to Dr. Langstroth creating seminars and teaching carpal tunnel and repetitive stress injury treatments to the public at local hotels. He was then asked by the State of California to teach and educate thousand of state employees on these topics to over 7 different state agencies in the 1990’s

His interest in nutrition led to over 300 hours in continuing education seminars on the latest advancements in a more naturopathic and holistic approach to disease and healing. Eventually Dr. Langstroth realized something very important regarding the need for pain relief from his patients. Most middle aged individuals need to lose weight and in the U.S. in particular, have high amounts of inflammation. In 2013 he was approached by some east coast colleagues who ‘preached the good news’ regarding ‘ketosis’ or fat burning and the amazing health benefits. Dr. Langstroth was hearing about the high amounts of body fat an individual could lose in a very short period of time while reversing diabetes and blood pressure issues in a mere 40 days. Realizing that most people in the U.S. are dehydrated, suffer from a poor diet and deficiencies, are highly toxic, inflamed and struggle with constant weight gain prompted him to take 2 years learning what is known as the Health4Life weight loss and cellular healing program.

In 2014 he created the Health4Life weight loss and cellular healing talk radio program on KFBK and enjoys educating the public on health, hydration, what healthy foods really are and to help anyone reduce inflammation and detoxify the body. Dr. Langstroth feels this is the most rewarding program he has ever created as a practitioner because it addresses all of the elements of what it takes to truly achieve health. True health requires educating one’s self on how to better avoid chemical toxicity in the air, water and food, making better food choices, developing better habits and making lifestyle changes. Dr. Langstroth’s goal is to help everyone lead a more fulfilled, vibrant and active lifestyle. His program was always designed to help anyone keep the weight off if they so desire. Dr. Langstroth is also currently obtaining a Holistic Nutritionist Certification through the AFPA – American Fitness Professionals and Associates.

Health4Life Weight Loss and Cellular Healing has also been endorsed by nationally recognized Tom Sullivan talk radio host on 93.1 FM KFBK and Larry Elders radio/TV host on AM 560 The Answer.