40 Day Fat Loss Transformation
20 Day Programs also available
*Men can lose 30-40 lbs.
*Women can lose 20-30 lbs.

*These are ranges of often seen results in 40 days although results may vary and there is no guarantee. Individuals with less weight to lose generally lose the lower amounts of weight and  individuals in the higher obesity ranges have increased chances of losing the higher amounts of weight.

Get healthy...get in shape...get your life back!

Dr. Langstroth D.C. who created Health4Life Weight Loss and Cellular Healing can be heard on KFBK 93.1 FM and 1530 AM talk radio on Sundays. He discusses many health topics and why America is an obese and diseased nation. He also interviews a guest on each show who has received many benefits from his program.

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Body Composition Analysis-Your first visit and what to expect

The Body Composition Analysis (BCA) is the starting point that gives us valuable information about your metabolism. The BCA is a simple scale that sends a very gentle current through your body (bio-impedance).

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Why We Stand Out – The 8 Pillars to Our Success

Health4Life weight loss was created to get to the ‘cause’ of why your metabolism has slowed down. How can we get our clients into ‘fat burn- ing’

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What our clients are saying – Success stories

Listen to amazing success stories told by real clients, real people! See real results for yourself that from clients who lost 75 lbs in 80 days!

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Health Benefits – what to expect during and after our program

The Health4Life Weight Loss System is safe, fast and effective. It’s easier to stay motivated because you see results in a short period of time…

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40 Day Fat Loss Transformation

Karen went through 2 cycles of the 40 day Health4Life weight loss and cellular healing program and lost 75 pounds. She regained her stamina and no longer needed hormone replacement therapy.